Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

VICTIMS – A Dissident LP

You get what you expect! This is the fifth longplayer of Stockholm crustpunk attack No.1. And when I write you get what you expect I assume that you know their former albums. If not – run to mummy and cry! This album is a killer, although their forth longplayer was named „Killer“ - in my opinion their worst one, but if any other one is brilliant, the worst one means nothing bad – only not as brilliant as the other ones. After the split single with Kylesa and the smasher „On your knees“ I never expected an increase, I thought this would be impossible, but the four guys disabuse me. A Dissident delievers hit after hit, from the first song to the last one. At the moment I'm listening to nothing else. You have to hear it full blast and you'll forget everything. From tip to toe, every muscle is clenching its fist, all viscera are shouting out their anger, even the silly spleen. This is the best medicine for every kind of little aches and pains. But no doctor will give you a prescription, you have to order it at La Familia, Deathwish Inc or Tankcrimes. 13 songs packed in wonderful artwork. A must have!
10/10 points Bäppi


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