Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

AC4 – Umea Hardcore EP

After the awesome LP, thats going to be a totally classic in the future punk history, heres the next record named Umea Hardcore 7'' by the new #1 in the Umea punk-rock-universe - AC4. If id be gay Id probably be deeply in love with Dennis Lyxzén, not just because of his Refused or International Noise Conspiracy background, or as a head of the great Umea based hardcore label Ny Vag. No. There seems to be much more behind a man with such an awesome live appereance and attitude. Now back on stage with his new band AC4, he returns back to the old days. 80s hardcore, as powerfull and simple as it can be, ass kicking straight forward stuff and every song a hit! After such an impressive debut LP, the single could have been much worse, but in the shadow of the first release, its still a lighting in the mass of hardcore punk releases.
9/10 points Maz


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