Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

THE BABOON SHOW – Punk Rock Harbour CD

I don't like CDs. I hate this throw-away medium. I prefer the good old vinyl, or even tapes. But for this band I had to make an exeption. After ordering it directly from Sweden and listening to it over hundred times I can say: This piece of plastic is the valuabled one I ever owned. Sadly only 11 tracks and sadly the pleasure is over after 25 minutes, but these 25 minutes are goddamn good ones. The Baboon Show changed their guitar player but everything remains unaffected. And why should you make changes, when everything is perfect the way it is. For me there's no progression possible. This is perfect. I am totally addicted and don't want to write more words about it. Check out the interview I made with Nikki the drummer in this issue. You have to buy this album, you have to see their gigs and you will love it. I promise you!
11/10 points Bäppi   


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