Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

A Parasites Life Fanzine #1

 A Parasites Life - April 2011
80 pages, English written
500 copies
price: 2,50€ - 25 SEK - 3,50$
Hell Yeah, first post, first issue of this zine. You will get a Sweden special, interviews with Swedish people and bands, reports about Sweden and a lots of reviews (for sure only Swedish bands and zines). This issue includes interviews with: THE BABOON SHOW, BEYOND PINK, SISTA SEKUNDEN, D-TAKT RECORDS, SCHIZOFREHN FANZINE, ESKATOLOGIA and much more... reports about IKEA and H&M, Life in Sweden, recipes, reviews and some personal stuff. A Parasites Life is better than yours! Get your copy!!!
The first posts at this blog are taken from the zine... only some reviews and to make your own conclusion I added a download-link. If you like the stuff buy the records!

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