Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

THE BOMBETTES – Get Of My Trailor, Sailor! LP

After the first two turns on my record player I was really disappointed. I expected something totally different from this LP. Maybe more anger and hatred and less bubblegum and lalala. But it needed some time and some turns more on my record player to realize that the Bombettes are much more than a funny shala-ohohoh girlpunkband inspired by stupid American poppunkbands like Green Day or Bad Religion. It's a very simple sound, old bands like Avengers and X-Ray-Spex come in my mind and even The Epoxies, who are far away of being a stupid American poppunkband. In some cases old-fashioned but that does not have to mean something bad. Most of the lyrics affirm my first accordings. The Bombettes are five girls from Umea and they often sing about partnership, love and sex, they draw a picture of strong and independent women and these topics fits to the Avengers and X-Ray-Spex perfectly. But there are also two drawbacks. First: the voice of the singer sounds too monotone after a while, for me it's not possible to listen to this record more than two times in succession and second: the whole artwork is superugly and hurts my eyes. 10 songs, English lyrics released by Ny Våg.
7/10 points Bäppi


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