Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011


Split album with Eskatologia from Sweden and Distress from Russia. Let's begin with the first side, the Swedish one. You can listen to four dark and heavy crustpunk songs, but unfortunatly the five guys out of Göteburg are not able to create the gloomy atmosphere they did at live shows. Saw them two times and two days one after another and it was fantastic. Only a couple of people in the audience at each show, but Eskatologia delievers a fucking heavy crustpunk set. I don't know if it is up to the record quality or the dubbing, but on this 10“ everything sounds flat-chested and too slight. By the way, song number two: „Cold“ is a goddamn catchy song. Besides these guys are supersweet and nice and it was a lots of fun, hanging around with them. For more informations check out the interview Dominik did in this fanzine. Now you have to flip your record and welcome to Russia. Distress play a similar kind of crust Eskatologia do, but the five songs didn't stay in my mind. It's too regular, too usual, nothing special. Maybe it works on stage, in a dimly club, but not this way. So what do we have below the line? A ten inch record with acceptable artwork, lyric sheet with translation into English or at least liner notes, nine songs, two bands, two countries is overall something between mediocre and outright poor basically because of the bad record quality and the Russian half. Usually I like this record size, it's expensive to produce, a bit more than a single and nearly a full-lenght. But this one I will not listen to that often. Released via Halvfabrikat and many more.
5/10 points Bäppi


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