Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

HÅRDA TIDER - Gatan Kallar LP

Since more than two weeks I listen to this record nearly every day while sitting in front of my laptop. Since then this review is on my to-do-list but it was very hard to find the right words. I am not sure if this is my style of music, anyway they play fast and classic hardcore and all of them can handle their instruments but the spark doesn't jump across. They are not able to set my ears on fire and if there is nothing burning it can't be a blazing record... But I have to stop playing with the fire and adding more fuel to the flames, this record isn't that bad. I can't name it exactly but the four guys out of Malmö don't touch me. I listen to the ten songs while doing other things alongside. Something is missing, it's not catchy enough and even their live gig at Punk Illegal wasn't that good that I had to watch them again and again. Hell yeah, it's nice, but in Germany you say „nice“ is the little brother of „asshole“. If you are into classic and fast played hardcore you should check out this band. I don't warm up to it. 10 songs, One Way System cover, nice... not nice, good artwork and including A1 poster. All lyrics are in Swedish and sadly you can't find a translation or some linernotes. Released by Hårda Skivor.
4/10 points Bäppi


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