Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011


Not original artwork! Found that pic at their myspace site and like it! This band founded in 2001 released a demo and recorded a 7" which never was released. In 2003 they quit playing... but now, more than seven years later they finally finished their debut album. Here you can download their first demo. You ask about their msuic? Ok, I'll quote a sentence from their biography: "Our goal was to do simple and melodic punk with politically charged but still personal lyrics in Swedish." Timo from Alerta Antifascista records wrote about their actual album: "This is the best punk record since the Assassinators LP!" and he's right!!! Sju Svara Ar is a kind of All-Star band, the members play in other bands like Burning Kitchen, Asta Kask, To What End, Wolfbrigade... and I hope they will find a little bit more time for this band I don't have to wait seven years again for a new record...
9/10 points Bäppi

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