Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

FREDAG DEN 13:E – Under iskalla fanor LP

At first sight this record looks like a deathmetal album. Would fit to the bandname, which is according to one of the first slash-films in 1980 „Friday 13th“. By the way a horrible movie... I expected songtitel like „6666 – Extra Evil“ or „Phonenumber Of The Beast“, but far from it. Fredag Den 13:E is a five piece dbeat/hardcorepunk band formed 2006 in Göteburg and after a demo and two singles they released this first record. Only two songs come along with English lyrics, the leftovers are in Swedish, so I can't say that much about their intention writing songs. The two ones I understand suggests a political awareness. They are against god and religion and for fighting for your dreams and ideals. So let us talk about the music they play. In some reviews I read they sound like Motörhead, but I can't agree, even if I don't know much about this English band. Fredag Den 13:E is more asskicking and more punk than Motörhead ever will be. These guys don't look friendly, but they don't have to, cause they don't play friendly music. It needs anger and hatred and the 13 songs are filled with it. You have to hear it full blast. Reminds me of bands like Victims or Wolfbrigade, but without their catchy feeling. Sometimes it sounds like a copy of these bands, a little bit more originality is missing, but nevertheless it's a solid album. Among others this LP is released by Black Seeds Records. 13 songs and gatefold cover.
7/10 points Bäppi


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