Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011


First of all I have to say something about the wonderful artwork of this record. It's a drawing of an apocalyptic scenery. A priest, a police officer, a nazi, a businessman, a member of kkk and some assholes more were hanged on the gallows (you could start a social analysis about the matter only one woman is hanged by the art director – power is in the hands of men) and some skins, punks and other fringe groups are celebrating a party. Even Inuits, queers and handicapped people are included. This artwork is full of chlichees but I fucking love it. Haha, the Freak Brothers are hidden in the crowd, too. I own this record because of my good friend Micha. He met some band members at the railroad track at punk illegal and put this record in his distro. And yes, because of the artwork I bought it. In the digital age I don't do that much often. Mostly I listen to a band at the internet or saw them live before I buy a record and this time I don't regret my choice. Passiv Dödshjälp play crustpunk with some melancholy elements mostly fast forward. They sang in Swedish but with a look at the artwork I can imagine what the songs are about. They are often compared to Skit System, Wolfbrigade or Disfear and in my opinion these accordings work well. 13 songs released by Halvfabrikat, Future Noir and other labels.
8/10 points Bäppi


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